Quickest Read Ever of the BORING 4th Dem Debates


It was hard to stay awake throughout the fourth Democrat debate, and for those of us who haven’t bought into the fictional good life of socialism, it wasn’t worth the time. However, we know you want to hear about it as briefly as possible without agitation, so here it is — a really quick read.

CNN spent the opening fifteen minutes getting identical impeachment soundbites and the last fifteen minutes on a question about Ellen DeGeneres and friendships. They ignored climate change because it is not a winner and people do realize it will destroy the economy.

Bernie was predictably communistic, calling for a “political revolution” because it’s capitalism, not statism, that is destroying the world.

The squad was so impressed with his good health and firey anti-capitalist rants that they are preparing to endorse him.

Bernie, the job fairy, also promises every American will have a job.  Destroying our economy and turning it over to statists via the Green New Deal will somehow create twenty million new jobs. Fabulous!

Bernie says we have to have “guts.” It takes guts to go communist, you know.

Democrats want to put drug company executives in prison. These are the people putting out life-saving and pain-relieving drugs for the needy. Democrats do not appear to have a plan for street heroin dealers other than getting them out of prison when we catch them, but the moderators didn’t ask about that last night.

Kamala Harris at one point said, “dude’s gotta go” because she’s an idiot.

Elizabeth Warren, a socialist, wants a wealth tax to pay for free stuff, lots of free stuff. Since there are only 585 billionaires who will undoubtedly move their money out of the country, and since it’s not many people, she will have to keep moving down the food chain.

She still thinks no one built anything but the collective built everything and she wants to tax accordingly [Marxism].

The frontrunner Warren was attacked the day after Indigenous People day. So sad.

Biden, trying to compete with the hard-left, wants to eliminate the capital gains tax! Then he says he wants to double it. No, what he wants to punish corporate greed. Whatever.

Anti-war Biden is fired up over Syria. He claims ISIS is “gonna come here.” If he keeps the borders open, they might just do that but we’ll put them on the dole and give them counseling at taxpayer expense.

Biden says he’s “proud” of his son’s judgment. [That’s just ridiculous, “come on, man,” to quote sleepy Joe’s favorite expression.]

Have you seen Joe’s extortion film yet? Here it is:

This was Sleepy Joe’s typical demeanor during the debate.

Anderson Cooper asks Joe Biden about his son getting millions from foreign nations. Biden dodges and attacks Trump. How surprising. He also asked why Trump falsely claimed Hunter did something wrong.

St. Pete was really ticked off with fasctist Beto, another sanctimonious would-be potentate.

It was a serious Trump-bashing festival on CNN. Yawn! There was some gun talk between fascist Beto and St. Pete, not worth discussing except Beto says anyone who owns one of the 16 million AR-15s will have it taken away forcibly. Okay, then.

Beto will kill you if he has to.

Sleepy wants your guns too!

Beto said he met a woman working four jobs and is raising a special needs child. Bill O’Reilly tweeted he didn’t believe him, setting off a firestorm. Beto produced a picture of himself with the impoverished-looking woman and her handicapped child, but, like O’Reilly, I still don’t believe it as he presented it. Maybe she works a different job each day, maybe it’s what she wants to do. Good for her that she’s working hard, but with all the welfare we hand out, I doubt she needs to. Sorry!

The New York Times and CNN think Tulsi’s a Russian asset or spy or something. She torched them on their own stage. TeeHee.

The Daily Caller has the worst moments of the debate. It’s a very nice video.

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