Quran Mobile, A New Way to Spread Islam in America


Quran mobile

The American Islamic Outreach Center in Charlotte is now on wheels. They want to spread the message that Islam is a peaceful religion and the radical terrorists they see on television don’t represent them.

“Islam is portrayed in a very negative light because of the actions of some crazy people out there. But 99 percent of Muslims are good hearted just like any other denomination,” Zahir Shaikh, director of the Quran Mobile said as reported by Fox 46.

“It would be better to try to come to an understanding or get to know someone. It’s better to give someone a chance before you decide you are going to hate everyone cause really it is heavy to carry that hatred around,” Shannon Hossain, spokesperson for the American Islamic Outreach Center, said.

Rather than spreading an anti-terrorism message, however, they are proselytizing and will be traveling around during the busy times of the day, stopping to hand out a free copy of the Quran and the biography of the prophet Mohammad to all who are interested.

they want to tell the truth

This could appeal to the young. It’s traveling mostly in the University area in a bible belt state.

free QuranThe organization’s website is very pleasant and offers free Qurans and instruction in Islam with a positive version of the Prophet Muhammad. With a global jihad going on, proselytizing raises a few questions.

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  1. Let’s show the smiling little muslim girl being stoned to death for “dishonoring her family” because she showed some skin, or got raped, or tried to run away from the older man she is force to marry, or whatever crazy idea those peace-loving Muslims deemed not honorable. Will they allow Gays to even touch a Quran? I’ll Keep my guns locked & loaded for now. Thanks for the warning.

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