Rabbi at Chabad Synagogue continued the sermon after he was shot


There was a shooting earlier Saturday at the Chabad Synagogue of Poway in California that left one older woman dead and three injured, including one female child about 11 and two men or one man and a child. The reporting is still unreliable.

Rabbi Yisorel Goldstein continued his sermon after he was shot and lost two fingers. He wanted to comfort the congregants.

He founded the synagogue in 1986.

The mayor of Poway is calling it a hate crime and said, “This is definitely someone with hate in his heart.” If the manifesto online is confirmed, the shooter is of “European” descent who hates President Trump.

The man in custody is 19 years of age according to early reports.

We have no information and the leftists on Twitter are blaming guns and the President.

The leftists can blame the wrong people if they want. Did they see the cartoon the NY Times published?

Omar is true-to-form.

The President addressed the horror.

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