Rabbi calls Trump a “mensch par excellence” as he honors the Chabad heroes


Today is the National Day of Prayer and the President honored those who believe in and worship God. The President spoke about opioid addiction and offered prayers for Venezuelans.

The President also paid special homage to those who showed so much courage during the attack by one gunman at the Poway Synagogue.


One hero couldn’t be there. She died protecting her Rabbi.

Lori Gilbert Kaye, 60 years of age, will always be known for her extraordinary bravery — protecting her friend and rabbi, Yisroel Goldstein, by jumping in between him and a gunman wielding an AR-style assault weapon.

There were other heroes as well. There was the man who saved the children and ran with them from the synagogue, suffering a bullet wound as a result. Almog Peretz, 34, rushed children to a nearby home even after he was shot. He wasn’t at the White House today, but three other heroes were.


The 51-year-old Iraq War veteran who fearlessly rushed the California synagogue shooter, who said he acted on instinct when he heard gunshots ring out during services at Chabad of Poway on Saturday morning, was at the White House to meet the President.

Oscar Stewart said he had intended to get up and run like the rest of the congregants but something stopped him.

“I took maybe one, two steps and… I don’t know why, I turned around and ran towards the gunfire,” he told “Fox & Friends.”

Stewart confronted the suspect who authorities have identified as 19-year-old John T. Earnest wearing a military-style vest and wielding a semiautomatic rifle.

“As I ran toward him, I yelled out as loud as I could, every inch of my body mustered this noise,” he said on Fox News. “He looked at me and had a look of like fear. He dropped his weapon to his side. He had a tactical sling so it didn’t fall to the floor… he turned around and he ran out of the building.”

Stewart said after he chased the gunman to an exit, an off-duty border patrol agent — who recently started worshiping at the synagogue — took over from there.

“He said, ‘Clear back, I have a gun,’ ” Stewart recalled. “He shot at (the gunman’s) parked car. … He was shooting at the wheels.”

The off-duty agent — Jonathan Morales — had recently discovered his Jewish roots and had traveled 3 ½ hours from El Centro, California, to pray with the congregation on Passover.

He too was at the White House.


The rabbi said he previously told Morales to arm himself when he comes to their congregation. He recalled telling Morales, “we never know when we will need it.”

Rabbi Goldstein also didn’t run from the danger that day although the gunman looked right into his eyes. He stood with his congregation.

The Rabbi called the President a “mensch par excellence” today. During the phone call with the President last weekend, he told him he was a “messenger from God.”

Democrats won’t like that and it probably won’t get a mention in the press so we are telling you. He also said the President’s comforting phone call began his healing.


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