Rabbi Condemns Joe Biden’s Attack on President Trump


Democrats are out blaming everyone but the killer who went into The Tree of Life synagogue like a coward and murdered eleven seniors praying, wounding six other people, including four police officers.

The man is a Nazi type who hated Trump for having Jewish relatives, claiming he was being controlled by Jews.

A few days ago, Biden compared the President to racist George Wallace. After the horrific shooting at the synagogue, he said in a statement Trump was giving hatred a “safe haven”. Meanwhile, it’s the left who spews hate 24/7.

That’s the real hate and it’s coming from Democrat leadership and the media.

When these leftists trash Trump, they are really trashing everyone who supports him and the agenda. The hatred and divisiveness grew under Barack Obama.

Obama and his cohorts, who never seem to notice the anti-semitism on college campuses. They gave safe haven for Iran by giving them billions in cash and gold and permission to build the bomb.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was on Fox & Friends this morning and condemned Biden’s statements. He also blasted the Obama administration for legitimizing the Jew-hating Iranian regime.

The Rabbi said that the hatred of Jews “springs up almost anywhere and everywhere”. The last thing we dare do is “politicize it”.

“When I look at someone like Joe Biden, I just saw on your airwaves he was speaking about Charlottesville, etc. With all due respect, the Obama administration also legitimized Iran, who spoke openly about annihilating the Jewish people. And did not once condemn that king of genocidal rhetoric we’ve seen from Hamas as well,” he said.


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