Rabbi Goldstein Said the President Was “A Messenger From God”


CBS WINS radio played a portion of the phone call between Rabbi Goldstein of the Chabad Synagogue and the President this morning. During the call, you can hear the Rabbi call the President a “messenger from God.”

We will share the clip when we get it.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein went into the synagogue’s lobby to prepare to read the Torah for the last day of Passover on Saturday. Lori Kaye, a longtime congregant, asked him when the reading would take place. She was there to pray for her mother who just died.

“I turned around to go to the banquet hall to wash my hands in preparation and then I heard the very first shot,” Goldstein said in his message. “I instinctively turned around to try to see what’s going on and I locked eyes with this terrorist, this murderer, an evil human being standing there. He was in position with the rifle as he turned the rifle on me.”

Lori Kaye stood between the shooter and the Rabbi, saving his life and losing hers. The Rabbi said the miracle took place after the killer fired six shots, his gun jammed.

A hero Army Veteran named Oscar Stewart screamed, cursed and chased the killer. The killer was frightened, dropped his gun, and ran. And then the off-duty Border Patrol agent met them in the parking lot, chasing him off, firing with a gun another congregant had given him.

Lori Kaye

Amazingly, the Rabbi was able to gather his flock despite his wounded hand, with at least one finger shot off and another mangled.


The Rabbi received a call from the President of the United States who comforted him. “He spoke about his love of peace and Judaism and Israel and he was so comforting.”

“I’m grateful to our president for taking the time and making that effort to share with us his comfort and consolation.”

The President tweeted about the Rabbi this morning.

I spoke at length yesterday to Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, Chabad of Poway, where I extended my warmest condolences to him and all affected by the shooting in California. What a great guy. He had a least one finger blown off, and all he wanted to do is help others. Very special!

Yes, he is all that.

Listen to him tall of the tragic death.

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