Rachel Maddow Says It’s Happening! It’s a “Break the Glass” Moment


Conspiracy theorist of the left Rachel Maddow is calling the firing of Jeff Sessions a “break the glass” moment. “It’s happening!”, she tweeted hysterically, “…the day has arrived”. It’s time to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller, she wrote, linking to the allegedly 900 commie rallies to take place yesterday across the nation.

The attendees would be the same commie and socialists lunatics, along with their useful innocents, who we always see marching and terrorizing in major cities to stop the President from implementing his agenda.

She’s obviously politicking. Maddow responded to concerns about her tweet by telling Grabien that she was “reporting” on the marches, not encouraging participation. The evidence would prove otherwise.

The leftist NY Times is also all in on the protect Mueller claptrap. Commie New York got about 4,000 according to the Times.


The reporters promoted the protests, but they went way beyond covering. This is all insanity. Nothing Trump did is “above the law”. He is well within his rights to fire an attorney general he can’t trust.


  1. Considering the language Rosenstein’s order was drafted that specified the Trump campaign and any other matters as a result, could be construed to include the opposition since it is the “dossier” that Mueller is using as potential evidence. The dossier alone implicates the entire Clinton machine and it is quite possible Whitaker could “force” Mueller to begin that investigation. He could keep Mueller but force him to dismiss any who would inhibit the investigation. If this were to happen it would be poetic indeed.

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