Racist Black Nurse Wants to See Dead White Boys


Black racist nurse Taiyesha Baker might have been fired or just forbidden from working with patients. The Indiana nurse is dangerous and needs to loser her license. She is not working with patients at Indiana University Health though the company won’t confirm that she has been fired for policy reasons.

She tweeted that white women raise sons who tend to be “terrorists” and “rapists”. She said every son a white woman has should be sacrificed to the wolves, and then she called them a foul name.

Last April, Taiyesha protested a speech by a man whose book linked IQ to race and said generalizations are “not OK”. Apparently, it’s okay when she does it.

Currently the right-wing on Twitter is angry and someone replaced her account with Pepe the Frog. The left is out defending her.

She says whites are racist but doesn’t see the flaw in herself – strange.



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