Racist, Cold-Blooded Cop Killer Mumia Has a Chance at Freedom


On Thursday, Judge Leon Tucker granted racist cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal another opportunity to appeal his 1981 conviction in the cold-blooded assassination of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, Fox News reports.

The judge is a libtard activist.

Abu-Jamal is a favorite of the far-left who have run Twitter campaigns to get him freed. His final appeal was rejected in 2012, but a judge ruled on Thursday that the former Justice Ronald Castille should have recused himself because of statements he made as a prosecutor about police killers that suggest potential bias.

His widow is “outraged.”

“I’m absolutely outraged with Leon Tucker. Tucker has no merit on this judgment. [Castille] had nothing to say about Mumia Abu-Jamal, he had no prejudice,” said the outraged widow Maureen Faulker in an exclusive interview on “Fox and Friends” Sunday. “This is going to open the door for so many murderers to be able to do this and appeal this.”

“Mumia Abu-Jamal shot my husband between the eyes, he executed my husband,” Faulker said. “I’m never going to let this go. All over the country, they’re reducing sentences on murderers, they’re allowing them out of prison, and it’s wrong. It’s so wrong.”

Mumia, a former cutthroat Black Panther, turned 63 in a Pennsylvania prison.


On December 9, 1981, Philadelphia Officer Daniel Faulkner pulled over a car driven by William Cook, brother of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the former Wesley Cook. While Officer Faulkner and Cook were by the side of the road talking about the traffic stop, William Cook struck the officer in the face.

Officer Faulkner tried to subdue Cook when Mumia ran across the street and shot Faulkner in the back. Faulkner returned fire, hitting Abu-Jamal in the shoulder.

Abu-Jamal shot Officer Faulkner five times, once between the eyes from a foot away execution style while standing over him. This was according to witnesses at the scene.

Abu-Jamal was later picked up in a hospital. A hospital security guard heard Abu-Jamal saying, “I shot the Mother F…er and I hope he dies.”

Abu-Jamal was convicted and sentenced to death, a sentence later commuted to life imprisonment.

Abu-Jamal then set about making a career out of demonizing the police and whining about his sentence so he could one day get out of jail. He is a manipulative sociopathic killer.

After Mumia was sentenced, he decided to turn his case into one of a Black man being victimized by White cops and a White judicial system though the evidence against him left no doubt as to his guilt.

Mumia has been allowed to run a prison radio show and is a published author. That’s more than his victim ever got to do. The husband and father he murdered never got to graduate, raise his child, and grow old with his wife.