Racist Group “Black Lives Matter” Honors Death of Career Criminal Who Shot Officer


Officer Moynihan

Police officer and former U.S. Army Ranger John Moynihan was honored at the White House less than a year ago as one of the nation’s “Top Cops” for helping to save a transit officer wounded in a gunbattle with the Boston Marathon bombers.

Today he is in a Boston Hospital fighting for his life. The extent of his injuries is unknown. He was shot in the face over a traffic stop.

On Friday night, Officer Moynihan and other officers stopped a car that was possibly involved in a crime.

Officer Moynihan, 34, went up to the suspects car, no guns drawn, and without provocation, Angelo West shot the officer right below the eye at point-blank range.

West continued to empty his magnum at the other officers. The suspect, Angelo West, 41, with a history of a violent criminal past, was shot by police. West was a career criminal.

Officer Moynihan is sedated and in critical condition with a bullet lodged behind his right ear.

The reaction by the Soros-backed group BlackLivesMatter and their many followers is despicable and illogical. They are without one ounce of concern for the officer who was shot by the violent black criminal.

The racist group will meet to see what they can do on behalf of this murderer and whether they can get away with protests. Whites not allowed at this meeting!

no white people

Imagine if that were reversed?

The officers showed the video of the shooting to the NAACP and they found nothing untoward but that might not matter to this group.

“We want to come together, love on each other, and support each other,” Black Lives Matter’s Boston leader Daunasia Yancey told the Herald. “It will be a chance for us to talk to each other and discuss what we think happened and what our response will look like.”

The response to that for some is this:

what kind of world

I can answer that. It’s a world where cops lives don’t matter and black career criminals’ lives do.

The group decided West’s body was in the street too long. They referred to the 41-year old (photo below) as a kid.

Angelo West

“We paid a lot of respect to that body, we covered it, we had tarps around it, but given the shell casings and the need to process that scene so our investigation goes well, the body was left on the street,” Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans told the Boston Herald.

“We realized it was a concern in Ferguson, but we did our best to give the body as much dignity as we possibly could while doing our investigation.”

He added, “So if people are upset by that, I apologize … but our officers did the job that they were trained to do.”

BlackLivesMatter only cares about starting trouble and the cause can be invented as we have found out. They can ruin lives like Officer Wilson’s but they don’t care because he’s white.

stream of idiocy2

Some are anxious to honor the criminal – no concern whatsoever for the police officer.

honor career criminal's life

Absurdity of their cause in tweets, but be warned, have your barf bag nearby.

stream of idiocy



  1. If non black races don’t start getting together to counter the commie loving, terrorist muslim loving, racist movement Black Lives (LIES) Matter backed by a millionaire, we are all in trouble.
    Spineless politicians and other leaders in communities are letting this commie minority control this country. New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter are communist and terror oriented. Look it up.

    Farrakhan and Shabezz and these black racist groups call for the extermination of Whites. They are not arrested. If the KKK did what these black groups are doing there would be rioting, looting, killing of Whites by blacks and the KKK would be in federal prison.

    Political correctness run amok needs to be reversed. The liberals and liberal media have a double standard, and make Whites the enemy.

    Police need to stay away from black areas and let blacks kill each other.

  2. Police shouldn’t patrol black neighborhoods at all anymore.Let them police themselves.I blame the liberal scum in the media for all of this.Normal people in america who care about their country and their families should prepare to fight back….stock up on ammunition.

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