Racist Russians “Diss” Barack Obama



Photo of Vladimir Putin, now known to be a racist

Alert Jesse Jackson, Al Shapton, Eric Holder and the Congressional Black Caucus!  The nation of Russia, with it’s overwhelmingly white population and power structure, has just spectacularly flipped off America’s first black president.  Vladimir Putin’s crew, completely unimpressed by Commander in Chief Obama’s numerous, dire threats, just “adopted” fugitive, and NSA leaker Eric Snowden.

Why would a country with whom we very publicly pushed the “reset button” risk the kind of political and economic damage likely to come of this move?  There’s only one answer.  They must be racists.  What other explanation can there be?

A similar, unproductive, direct defiance of President Obama by any American politician would have the race hustlers and agitators comparing the pol and his party to the KKK.  They’d be in the streets chanting  “No justice, no peace!”.

So now comes a true test of courage.  Lets see this crew  spread some, wings, fly the Atlantic,  and bring their message to the former Soviet Union.  It’s absolutely clear President Obama has been “disrespected” and those doing the “dissing” need to be called out.

Here, however, are some cautionary words for Messieurs Jackson, Sharpton, Holder, and Black Caucus members.  It’s likely fewer than 1% of  the people living in Russia are Afro-Russian, so the overwhelming majority can’t relate to any “black experience”.  As a result messing with Barack is not likely to negatively effect any of Putin’s constituency groups….so you may want to apply for permits before you whip up any public demonstrations.

We’d hate to see you locked up by those racist Russians.