Racist Sexist Pig? Sanctimonious Trevor Noah Mocked Indigenous Aussie Women


Contributor James Soviero

Trevor Noah, a comic from South Africa, could be a racist, sexist pig. This man who constantly accuses the President and his followers of being racists, gave a stand-up comedy routine in 2013 mocking indigenous Australian women.

On the recently surfaced tape, he makes crude and derogatory jokes.

In a month, the 34-year old Daily Show host will tour Australia. Lots of luck with that!

His routine included:

“There’s no such thing as the most beautiful race. All women of every race can be beautiful,” Noah says in the routine, which originally aired in his 2013 stand-up special “It’s My Culture.”

“And I know some of you are sitting there now going, ‘Oh Trevor, yeah, but I’ve never seen a beautiful Aborigine.’ Yeah, but you know what you say? You say ‘yet,’ that’s what you say; ‘yet.’ Because you haven’t seen all of them, right?”

“Plus it’s not always about looks, maybe Aboriginal women do special things, maybe they’ll just like, jump on top of you and be like,” he continues, before cupping his hands to his lips and imitating the sound of a didgeridoo. “All women of every race can be beautiful.”

An indigenous rugby player shared it first.

It’s the second time this week Noah’s made headlines over accusations of racism. Last week the comedian was in hot water after calling France’s winning World Cup side a team from Africa — because most of its players were black. The French were offended because they don’t think of France as whites only.

In this next clip, Noah calls Trump and Americans racists. He repeats some nonsense about Trump saying he doesn’t want black people counting his money. We can find no instance in which Trump said anything like that.

Why doesn’t he make jokes about his native country where they kill white farmers? He’s complaining about U.S. racism when his country is truly a mess.

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