Racist University of TX OKs New Magazine, “No Whites Allowed”


Students at the University of Texas, San Antonio are launching a new magazine called “No Whites Allowed.” They will allow whites to attend the launch.

Why is this acceptable and why is it being sponsored? When will Jeff Sessions deal with this obvious discrimination?

A Facebook event announcing Thursday’s launch says the magazine will “create a space” for “black and brown people, especially those who are queer,” who have been “told that they don’t have a space” or a “voice or a say.”

“The [magazine] specifically features and promotes black and brown lgbtqa creatives,” a description of the event reads. “We hope to showcase our talent and create an open space for our voices to be heard.”

LGBTQA? That lengthy title alone is ridiculous.

Campus Reform writes:

An individual named Thor Menslage questioned whether the event would constitute “racism” by excluding “whites,” but he was rebuffed by defenders of the event who stated that “there have literally been whites-only establishments that were government sanctioned and approved.”

“So you’re saying that because segregation happened, it’s fine to be racist against Whites?” Menslage countered, to which another student, Katie Gee scoffed that “equality is just more cishet [cisgender heterosexual] white supremacist patriarchy trying to write the narrative.”

“We have a host of liberal organizations who regularly pass around anti-white propaganda,” one anonymous student told Campus Reform. “Our campus does nothing about this, doesn’t label it hate speech, won’t remove it, etc.”

Anti-white segregation and racism could one day, down the road, when whites are a minority, make us into South Africa.

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Louis Bertrand
Louis Bertrand
4 years ago

Weird Sir as the Peanuts character says to her female teacher. Irrational and illogical speech at Third Level. Are Academics winning here?

4 years ago

Time for a race war