Radical Andrew Gillum Says “Police & Prisons Have No Place in Justice”


Andrew Gillum is the most dangerous candidate in America and he is clearly anti-American. He is a socialist or communist who wants to impose restrictive laws that will be in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution.

No police and prisons too!

He is the Florida gubernatorial candidate against Ron De Santis and the race is in a dead heat. Gillum is the Mayor of Tallahassee, where the crime rate is the highest of any city in the State of Florida. One of his many weaknesses, besides presiding over a city under investigation by the FBI, is his pledge to a radical communist group to oppose police and prisons.

That seems to be the latest Democrat platform — oppose police and prisons.

He signed a pledge with the Dream Defenders, guaranteeing his fielty to this principle.

“Police were never meant to protect and serve me and you,” the pledge says. “Police and prisoners, since their founding, have always been about safety for the haves while wreaking havoc for the have-nots.” Absurdly, it states, “Police and prisons have no place in justice.”

Documentarian Trevor Loudon of New Zeal has produced part one of a series of videos exposing Gillum’s hard-left objectives for Florida.

He plans to abolish ICE, invest 1 billion tax dollars in schools and teachers’ salaries that Florida can’t afford, legalize marijuana and free all drug offenders from our prisons, end money bail, extend Medicare for All including for illegals, take in refugees and extend Temporary Protected Status, and provide free college to displaced Puerto Ricans.

Democrats have been courting Puerto Ricans specifically and signed up the displaced who never returned after the hurricanes that devastates the island.

We all know nothing is free.

The 40 percent corporate tax rate hike!

Andrew Gillum wants to impose a 40% corporate tax rate hike. If that happens, businesses will flee and new ones will not come. This is similar to policies that have ruined cities like Compton and parts of Detroit.

Bernie Sanders backs Gillum and he is harder left than Bernie.

As reported by the Tampa Bay Times:

Gillum said if elected, he would increase Florida’s corporate tax rate to 7.75 percent, up from the current 5.5 percent.

That’s a 40.9% increase — a tax hike of over a billion dollars.

Gillum’s tax hike to 7.75% will give Florida the highest corporate tax rate in the region. It will be higher than Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. Those are the states where Florida businesses will relocate.

The state corporate rates are as follows:

North Carolina            3.0% (Note: NC’s rate is dropping down to 2.5% in Jan. 2019)

South Carolina            5.0%

Mississippi                  5.0%

Georgia                      6.0%

Tennessee                   6.5%

Alabama                      6.5%

GILLUM TAX HIKE      7.75%             

The Republican nominee for governor, Ron DeSantis, has made a firm written commitment to Floridians that he will oppose and veto any tax hike.


  1. “… presiding over a city under investigation by the FBI …”
    What’s Gillum guilty of, and why does he want to do away with prisons? Afraid he’s going to end up in one? Hopefully, we’ll soon find out.

  2. What a genius this nutjob is as crazy as scary eyes Ocasio Cortez. The ‘Mob’ party is revealing their intentions for all to see.

  3. Don’t kid yourself. Some radical jerk named Gillum isn’t the story. The story is the Democrat’s calculation that the criminal populace who they figure numbers at least 50% of the vote plus one, needed to get him elected. That’s just how far it has gone.Hate and class envy is what makes a Marxist Democrat and now outright criminals too. Democrats are losers without any moral compass. If Republicans can’t maintain control of the House at this juncture in our history, then America really doesn’t & won’t continue to exist & certainly not as anything most of us can relate to anymore.

    There can be no excuses. Lose today & lose forever. Realize that, if our population has become so dysfunctional, as to elect Democrats after what we, as a nation have just borne wittiness to over the last two years then, there can never be any realistic hope for the future.

    Some explanations for a Democratic victory would be:

    1) Stupidity and, or severe ignorance, which are both lethal impediments to democracy.

    2) A corruption of government manifested by socialistic welfare. Redistribution equals abandonment of constitutional protections in favor of mob appeasement.

    3) Manipulation of globalist, billionaire money, a self perpetuating corruption, retrenching three deep.

    4) A radical, educational establishment operating as the enemy within, Marxist, self serving and delusional.

    5) Hollywood’s popular culture, radical, hypercritical and vacuous, cheap and insidious.

    6) The ubiquitous, pervasive Influence of drugs hollowing out values, siphoning off wealth & destroying lives. Populations of Zombie Dope Addicts live in the streets cities across the nation. This is a business decision, an unholy alliance sanctioned at the highest levels between organized crime, terrorist cartel

  4. This socialist, muslim loving, creep is delusional. How dare he try to rewrite history to serve his imagination. This man is dangerous and will destroy Florida’s economy. The massive elderly population that votes at all elections will never go for his radical ideas of no police or jail time. The elderly want law and order and don’t want illegal aliens robbing and breaking laws, leaving them the most vulnerable segment of Florida’s population.

  5. Every “thing” that they want to dismantle, they just put a “white-guy” in front of it so that you’ll see that “thing” in a tarnished view. This is the “training” process that is used to take everything down….whatever that don’t like…put a racist “white-guy” in front of it.

  6. And who is actually eager to vote for him??? Losers who need and want to be taken care of … And Floridians want this?? A state full of losers?? Can you spell Puerto Ricans? Where are the Americans?? Why do we need Puerto Rico??

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