Radical Black Pastor Warns (Threatens) ISIS-Like Attacks on Whites, Police


Radical pastor, Rev. Ronald Wright of the “Justice Seekers of Texas” is preparing for ISIS-like attacks he said in McKinney, Texas.

“We’re setting the stage for a terrorist attack in this country. The group is not goin’ be ISIS, it’s going to be ‘usses’. Us against these injustice law officers and people who continue to allow racism to go into this city,” he said on TV.

What he said is extremely dangerous with the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, the Communist Black Lives Matter et al parading around the streets of McKinney. It’s a tinderbox.

The New Black Panthers have called for a race war in the past.

The Nation of Islam’s hate-filled Louis Farrakhan aka Louis X used God’s name to further his hate and warn of a race war two months ago. “A U.S. race war is about to explode, get your people prepared.”

Fake “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement.

The crowds gather.


The riots at McKinney started over a cookout with loud rappers screaming out gansta lyrics for hours. It was advertised on social media and when the crowd grew to over 100, police were called.

It was never a pool party.

The kids then invaded the private community pool. They fought, hurled bottles at cars, assaulted two local security guards and attacked a female resident.

That’s the story the media won’t report because most of the kids were black.


The claim is that it was racism though it was obviously kids run amok.

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