Radical Hard-Left Congresswoman Omar Accidentally Exposes Her Bigotry

She was making a statement and you can decide what that is.

Hard-left bigot Ilhan Omar, the incoming U.S. congresswoman from a Minnesota district that barely resembles the United States, mocked Vice President Pence’s appearance and religion in a tweet. While holding herself out as the victim of prejudice and intolerance, she is guilty of those very things.

She tweeted a photo of the Vice President blinking during last week’s fiery meeting over border security with the President and Chuck and Nancy in the Oval Office. She included the caption, “Jesus take the wheel” [see below].

Her gratuitous comment exposes her for the hateful bigot she is.

Why are we importing haters and communists? It seems we can’t bring them into the country fast enough.


Extremist Ilhan wears a hijab. She is not supposed to wear religious headwear into the congressional chamber but the 181-year rule against hats was changed for her. What happened to separation of church and state or does that only apply to the less privileged?

Congress allowed this for the angry revolutionary Ilhan despite having denied a white female member of Congress the opportunity to wear a hat to cover her hairless head a year earlier.  The congresswoman had no hair as a result of her cancer treatment.

Omar sent out the next tweet on the 7th of December. She claims Congress is now going to look like America. In other words, America will look like the Islamic Republic.

She’s pushing for the communistic Green New Deal.

And she’s a troublemaker.

She’s anti-white, anti-Republican, and anti-2nd Amendment.



  1. What about her “oath” to support and defend the Constitution?…..her quran and her religion are in direct conflict with the Constitution.

    • She is not bound by any oath she takes if her actions are to further islam. What a religion, they will lie, cheat, and steal to further the “cause” of islam. In fact they are commanded to lie if it will further islam.

      • Why do Americans vote for them. Ask these Muslims point blank, would an American be voted into office in Syria? Hell no. You’d find them in a garbage dump somewhere.

  2. That koran is the mohammedan’s declaration of conquest.
    That is a victorious smirk.
    They are not smart.- the senile dhimmi out-stupided them – again.

  3. A Muslim should never be elected to public office in this country. Muslims are bound by Islam and Sharia law which both are directly in opposition to our Constitution and our freedoms and not compatible with our way of life. We cannot assimilate people who are hostile to our government, our laws, our way of life, demanding and intent on conquering.

  4. hmmn, i thought the post was about omar but when i slid into the comment section
    i can see alot of unreasonable guys that stink of hate, the same hate omar was accused of in the post…. damn
    let’s skip the fact the whole post is manipulative made solely to portray the lady worse than she was suppose to look
    By the way

    • Who is doing the manipulation? The lady is an idiot troublemaker and to find the biggest Koran to be sworn in on is like saying F – you to America.

  5. If constitution give are right to practice her religion ,is the same not apply to other religions?, so we should all impose our religion on others, or let’s ask our self, which is governing constitution or religion?.

  6. LOL! She didn’t expose her bigotry “accidentally.” It’s just that she’s already been elected so there’s no reason for her to continue to (sloppily) conceal her bigotry.

  7. wow, look at that
    you would prevent an elected congress woman from her seat just so some minority could disagree with you, so that you can wage war on them and get rid of them

    I see two ways in that,
    1) forcibly drive them away from their homes
    2) killing them all in cold blood if they refuse to leave

  8. You are talking about forcing them out of their homes or killing them in cold blood? Is that not what her fellow Muslims did to her in her former country and they are still doing in nigeria,Iran, kenya etc.I don’t no why the US will ever allow these am seriously disappointed because they will use your free world ideology to defeat you while they had never believed in it like the rest of us.

  9. she’s a US citizen and now a US Congress women. Good for her.
    If anyones angry over anything Religious. You need to really think about your own religious teachings . “radicalized”
    Religion Sux

  10. Get out of My Country! How you got elected is with lies! You are a traitor to our Republic! Go away and live your prejudiced life elsewhere. We do not need or want haters like you. You have only hate in your blackheart. You are a destroyer of love and faith! Get out of our Country!

  11. Prog Leftists and Islamic Radicals have one thing in common – hatred for everything not of their agenda. The same one smiling today in fake goodwill will eat your lunch tomorrow.

  12. You voters from Minnesota better wake up. Read what the offspring of Ishmael do in the rest of the world. Cayous, murder, rape, torture and the good muslims (What is that, about three) never denounce their horrendous life style. Records show once they get to a certain percentage, there is no turning them back unless military action is taken.

  13. Word of caution to that muslim slime, DO NOT LET YOURSELF BE FOUND on the CA central coast. It will be a mistake your anti-American, rag wearing self will never overcome.


  14. Yes, Mike Pence can pray to Lord Jesus Christ who is alive and He is the real God of Universe ,but you a MUSLIM that drink CAMEL URINE because an evil and death man a retarded pedophile prophet of you , Mohammad told you to drink and you pray to your god allah who is the devil and now you make joke about our HOLY GOD , JESUS CHRIST , the joke is on you every day drinking that camel piss.
    ” Saudi authorities close down shop selling traditional camel urine drinks… after discovering the owner had been filling the bottles with his own bodily waste
    Health inspectors swooped on a vendor in Saudi port city of Al Qunfudhah
    Authorities confiscated more than 70 full bottles from the shopkeeper
    Seizure came amid claims he was selling human instead of camel urine ”
    This is ISLAM and this is your RELIGION.

  15. Change an stop being blind to your fellow Americans we are trying to love you back but your heart is not with the people in this nation I believe you will not remain if you use your position to instill fear and strife in the name of religion the only remedy is your dismissal. I don’t hate you, I feel if you were my own sister I’d tell you the truth the American people are willing to give you a chance but you’re pursuing hatred and you cannot stand for welcoming division. We need a unified nation on the strength of will alone you can change if not we know you will not last in Congress think about it

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