Radical Islamist Propagandist Is Angry 22 States Ban Sharia


Linda Sarsour, one of the women’s march organizers, is a well-known Islamist propagandist, who operates covertly using our system against us. She’s becoming a little more obvious of late. She is angry that 22 states have banned sharia. Think about it.

She recently met with an ex-Hamas operative and she has family ties to the terror group.

Frontpage Magazine said that she visited the White House at least seven times and was honored there in December 2015 as a “Champion of Change”.

A shill for the radical left, Linda Sarsour, who is also a radical racial and social justice advocate, appeared on the Melissa Harris-Perry show December 2015 to inform the audience that she is afraid to walk down the streets of New York City because of the way she looks, meaning her ethnic dress. As she said, “we can’t assimilate.”

“I fear for my life walking in the streets” of NYC, she said, lying.

As a New Yorker, I can tell you that is absolutely ridiculous. She is not in danger in New York City. Someone wearing a Trump hat might be but not a Muslim. She has completely made it up. The entire Islamophobia phenom appears to be invented. The statistics don’t support their claims.

Sarsour claimed to be the niece of Khizr Khan, the infamous Khizr Khan who railed against Donald Trump at the DNC convention.

We have people in our Congress who are pushing sharia like Maxine Waters. She thinks you’re a bigot if you don’t see sharia as compatible with our constitution.



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