Radical Movement Forms to Disarm And Disband New York City Police


The Ferguson lie has given birth to a social media-driven movement to Disarm and Disband the Police, even in New York City (NYC) where they want civilian review boards to take their place.

Ed Schultz might have been the first to come up with the idea of taking guns away from police.

It was an immediate hit with some radical, anti-government types.

movements on Twitter

Since Ferguson, it has taken shape as a movement of its own and new sites to disarm and disband the police in crime-ridden NYC neighborhoods keep popping up on Facebook and Twitter . Disarm NYPD

Disarm Police on Facebook has 1,885 members and posts only articles that make police look bad; even if they are inaccurate, they get posted.

The movement appears to be driven by the communists, anarchists, and criminals in the Occupy movement which has had backing from MoveOn, MediaMatters and other Soros groups. Their ultimate goal is to create chaos. 

Occupy Buffalo and CopWatch have teamed up and want “no-cop zones” in minority neighborhoods and they even want to disarm police through direct action.

Jose LaSalle of Copwatch

José LaSalle of Copwatch addressing the Disarm NYPD group.

They describe themselves this way:

“Disarm NYPD” is a new collective seeking to immediately stop the New York Police Department from killing anyone ever again. The group seeks to monitor and pressure police, with the help of local communities and Copwatch groups, until they retreat from over-policed neighborhoods and then maintain these cop-free zones with alternative, community-based forms of conflict resolution. Along with that, the group also seeks the total disarmament of the police.

“We feel that the police have proven that they’re not responsible enough to carry arms due to the fact that they’ve been killing people so consistently for so many decades,” said a member of Disarm NYPD, who chose to remain anonymous. “We feel that they should be disarmed immediately.”

They would have residents form conflict-resolution bodies and make police obsolete.

They’d establish councils and networks to deal with murderers, drug dealers, gangbangers, armed criminals apparently, because minority crime is the fault of the police.

There are a number of other groups on the same wavelength and they even have the support of Global Revolution. There is no need for me to tell you what ideology they represent.

Global Revolution


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