Radical Rep Omar Backs Racist Hate Group, Bashes the Covington Boys


On Sunday, before the Covington boys got into the situation with the radicals, they were peripherally mingling with some cute high school girls. One boy blurted out a rape joke we have commonly heard on late night TV and from the likes of Al Franken.

The joke had nothing to do with anything. Omar made a colossal lie out of it.


Radical Communist Ilhan Omar, who probably married her brother while married to someone else, possibly for immigration purposes, defended the hate group who were spewing racist comments at the boys. She twisted the entire situation. Ironically, they were the ones who started the trouble.

The boys NEVER TAUNTED the black men. The Israelite fakes did all the TAUNTING and the joke was unrelated to the nothing-burger, media-generated, lunatic-generated controversy.

Omar removed her tweet after she was threatened with a libel suit so we added this after publication:


The Hebrew Israelites who taunted the Covington boys at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. this past Sunday are nutcase racists. They hate whites, and many other groups of people.

A fringe religious zealot who calls himself “Chief Ephraim Israel” of the House of Israel, is claiming he was the person most responsible for the controversial incident between a group of Catholic high school boys and a Native American activist.

The Black Hebrew Israelites say they adhere in varying degrees to the religious beliefs and practices of both Christianity and Judaism but are neither.  Mostly, they are troublemakers and haters who think they are descended from Israelites.

There are twenty chapters of this group spread out in several states.

Whores, Faggots, and N*****s

They are street preachers who preach by shouting obscenities at pedestrians. They spew hateful language at anyone who walks by. Among their favorite terms: “white devils,” “whores,” “faggots,” and the N-word, which members routinely shout at black passersby.

One of the leaders of the Hebrew Israelites, General Mahayaman said the “abrasive” language directed at people of color is “the only remedy for someone that suffers from Stockholm syndrome, [which] is to make them face the cruelty of their oppressor.”

Asked if the group is anti-white, anti-woman and anti-gay, General Mayahaman deflected, saying, “The Christian church hates black people, gays, and women based on how they treat them…. The difference is, we don’t have a history of hurting kids, molesting women the way Christians do.” He said the school and its followers don’t consider themselves Christians or Jews, but rather “the race of the people.” They are black supremacists.

The Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge (ISUPK), a sect of the Hebrew Israelites, is classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group of black nationalists.

In other words, they are fringe lunatics.

When will the media expose these nutcases? The Washington Post explained who they are in a white-washed article. You don’t really find out they are a hate group until deep into the article. It was more apologetic than a testament to honest reporting.

Here are some clips of how they behaved on Sunday, starting the nothing-burger controversy:

Here’s more of the group as they explain why they hate WHITE PEOPLE [obscenities]:

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