Radical Socialist Bernie Sanders Wants To Toughen Up Gun Laws Not Being Enforced



Bernie Sanders has been somewhat supportive of gun rights but he is calling for tougher gun laws when the problem seems to be illegal guns or an FBI that falls down on the job.

He also doesn’t know what laws we have in place but he knows he wants them to be tougher.

Dylann Routh

Sanders wants universal background checks but we already have universal background checks in every state.

Background checks didn’t work in Charleston because the FBI made two mistakes. Chuck Todd, however, while interviewing Sanders, blamed the speed with which the checks took place, though the killer, Dylann Routh, passed the Brady Bill background check.

The mistakes would have occurred if the FBI took months to review his situation. He was a felon and should not have been allowed to purchase a gun.

We have these laws on the books but they don’t work because a massive big government can’t do it well and making the inefficient and ineffective tougher is only going to add more bureaucracy.

We have yet to hear “common sense” laws that would actually work and that are relevant to the crimes that lead to these discussions. We need the FBI to become more efficient.


John Russell Houser, pictured above, who bought a gun at a pawn shop, didn’t show up on the background checks because the government didn’t pick him out despite his extensive criminal record. The FBI has three days to run a background check. Why don’t they take the three days instead of legislators passing new laws?

We can all agree Houser was violent, had mental health issues and should not have had guns.

Breitbart pointed out that Houser joins Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez (Chattanooga), Dylann Roof (Charleston), Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi (Garland), Jared and Amanda Miller (Las Vegas), Elliot Rodger (Santa Barabara), Ivan Lopez (Fort Hood 2014), Darion Marcus Aguilar (Maryland mall), Karl Halverson Pierson (Arapahoe High School), Paul Ciancia (LAX), Andrew John Engeldinger (Minneapolis), Aaron Alexis (DC Navy Yard), Tennis Melvin Maynard (West Virginia), Wade Michael Page (Sikh Temple), James Holmes (Aurora theater), Jared Loughner (Tucson), Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood 2009), Jiverly Wong (Binghamton), Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech), Naveed Haq (Seattle), and Mark Barton (Atlanta) on the list of attackers and alleged attackers who acquired their guns via government background checks.

It’s not the law, it’s the government.

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