Radical Socialist Bernie Sanders: “Why Not $500 Dollars an Hour” Minimum Wage


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Radical Socialist Bernie Sanders has a vision for the future and it wouldn’t bode well for Capitalism.

During a Bloomberg interview, Bernie was asked about his minimum wage platform. He is calling for $15 an hour to give people “dignity,”(that would be unearned dignity), but then asked rhetorically, “why not $500 dollars an hour” as a minimum wage. He then answered his own question saying, “there are limits to what you can do right now.” Bernie doesn’t believe in low-paying jobs and buys into the Marxist concept of redistributing until everyone makes a “living wage” no matter how trivial their job.

The only limits to the minimum wage that he sees are those dictated by the politics.

Earlier this year, he said he doesn’t think a 90% tax rate, as we had after WWII, is too high. Perhaps he would like the 100% tax rate and let the government decide how much each person gets back so he can disincentivize the entire country.

PolicyMic excused his comments by saying he’s probably only going after people who make millions as if that is somehow fair. After he runs out of everyone else’s money, he will have to adjust that.

The class warfare activists obviously think it’s fair as did their fellow revolutionaries in France in 1790. It predictably ended in torture and beheadings of the elites.

I have been told in strong terms that Bernie doesn’t want a 90% tax rate, however, one only has to look at his history to know that he really doesn’t have a problem with it as he said.

In the 1970s, Sanders’s was a member of the Liberty Union Party (LUP) and his platform called for the nationalization of all U.S. banks, public ownership of all utiliies, and the establishment of a worker-controlled federal government. That, of course, is Communism.

According to the Guardian, a press release from his 1974 campaign stated that as a means of addressing the problem of rising energy prices, Sanders advocated “the public takeover of all privately owned electric companies in Vermont.”  The Guardian noted that “[t]he press release … is annotated and could be a draft.” Oh, yeah, sure.

In the late 1970s, he left LUP. That was after several failed attempts to win office. He became an Independent. In 1979, he won office as Mayor of Burlington and hung a Soviet flag in his office to honor a so-called sister city in Russia.

In the 1980s, he cooperated with East Germans and Soviets to stop Reagan and he celebrated the Nicaraguan Marxist-Stalinist government’s sixth anniversary. He was big on Castro too.

By the 1990s, he won a seat in Congress as a Socialist. Communist wouldn’t have worked.

In 2007 Senator Sanders and Rep. Maurice Hinchey together introduced the Media Ownership Reform Act, which was designed to tightly restrict the number of radio stations that any firm could own. It also sought to resurrect the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” which was meant to silence Conservative radio.

He is all-in on the climate change takeover and he was the first senator to stand up for Occupy Wall Street. In 2013, he sponsored a bill to tax Wall Street.

His current platform calls for free college and free Universal pre-K. In addition to the fact that this is all unaffordable, it puts government in complete control of our children from Kindergarten through college.

The Life of Julia starts at birth and Obama’s minions have already alluded to free government child care and education starting at birth. Our children would all become tools of the government apparatus.

Bernie backed Greece’s “no” vote which the communist government in Greece also encouraged. He too wants everyone in the world to pay Greece’s debt.

He is 100% for unions and hates trade deals. He hates the rich, Capitalism, and he’s a collectivist.

If Vermont likes voting for this radical so much, maybe they should form their own country with their own currency, their own laws, their own services, single payer healthcare, but no federal government funding of course.

Bernie Sanders is terrifying and relentless. As he said, “Don’t underestimate me.”

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