Radical Somali Immigrant Tries to Mow Down Jews Outside Synagogue


One of our intense robustly vetted Somali immigrants tried to run down Jews outside an LA synagogue.

The religion of peace devotee was determined to mow the Jews down using his car as a weapon. He also had a knife.

LAPD requested the help of the FBI and other partners in the Joint Terrorism Task force to investigate as a potential hate crime.

Mohamed Mohamed Abdi is a 32-year old immigrant from Mogadishu, Somalia, who arrived in Los Angeles just days ago. But he’s a US citizen. Refugee? Chain migration? Immigration scam?

Most of the media is calling him a “Seattle Man“. He does not have a home in LA.


He was reportedly shouting anti-Semitic abuse at people near the intersection where the attack took place, which has two synagogues. A knife was found in the rented car Abdi was driving, police say.

“The Jews won’t be around for long,” is one possible rant.

According to witness, Abdi was yelling “F**king Jews! F**king Jews!” during the attack.

Abdi reportedly insulted another couple leaving the synagogue before getting into his car and attempting to run over two men.

He later crashed into another car nearby, at which time he was arrested. A Koran was found on the dashboard of his car.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

“Hate in America is on the rise. That has to change,” LAPD police chief Michael Moore said. This Muslim man wanted to kill Jews simply because they are Jews.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Bringing in killers, murderers, rapists and emotionally disturbed Islamic haters of Jews.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Hillary wanted to bring in 500,000 more immediately she was elected…to join the tens of thousands Barry had already “vetted(?):)” and resettled “strategically” across the USA…Right now Hillary’s party, the UN and sundry haters of the Republic are trying to create a refugee crisis on your Southern border as was done in Europe!!! The leaders of some sovereign European countries that are ‘baulking’ at this blatant attempt to eradicate their peoples are ‘denigrated’ in the mainstream fake media…the TRUE “enemy of the people” worldwide…