Raging Socialist Warren Will Fight for Back Pay for People Here Illegally


The fraudulent Indian Elizabeth Warren swears she will “fight” for back pay for illegal aliens, to be paid for, not by her, but by all of us hard-working taxpayers. That will include the working men and women, abandoned by the party, in favor of the illegal aliens.

As part of Warren’s “Empowering American Workers and Raising Wages” plan, illegal aliens who have worked illegally in the United States, often with stolen IDs, will receive back pay for past work. She will amend the National Labor Relations Act to do it.

Warren will exploit Americans working and paying taxes to give who knows how much back pay to people who broke our laws.

Warren’s essay explaining her anti-American, socialist plan is filled with lies about the wages being stagnant in a bad economy. The woman will say anything.

Warren writes:

Ensuring employers can’t exploit undocumented workers and drive down standards for all workers: The 2002 Supreme Court case Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB held that an undocumented worker could not receive the backpay he was owed from an employer who had violated the NLRA. That 5–4 ruling is wrong and denies millions of undocumented workers redress for illegal firings or other retaliatory conduct by an employer. The case encourages employers to hire undocumented immigrants and exploit them in numerous fields, including construction and manufacturing, which could lower wages for all workers. I will fight to amend the NLRA to end this form of exploitation and ensure that all workers are protected. [Emphasis added]

Breitbart states that there will be no mandate or punishment for employers and businesses who hire illegal aliens over American citizens, and she has not endorsed mandatory E-Verify.

She laughably calls it, “Empowering the American Worker.” In actuality, she’s empowering the illegal alien worker. The fake Indian will also make it difficult for employers to operate.

There is more, like her plan to implement ‘card check,’ which takes away the secret ballot in unions so anyone who votes the wrong way gets pilloried until they change their vote.

Warren is an open borders traitor to the working Americans who will lose out on jobs and better pay to illegal alien labor. She is a sellout.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how wrong this is.

President Trump, on the other hand, wants us to buy American and hire American. He has overseen the increase in wages, and employment, especially of minorities.



  1. She is a conniving Tyrant, who will destroy the financial sector of America, a truly Marxist Communist, following the ‘Socialist Manifesto.’

    • Totally agree and that is the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.
      “Socialists” ARE Communists. The Dem Party has been the Communist Party officially since 1992 by Bill Clinton’s announcement that apparently no one caught onto back then.

      “”This is not your old Democratic Party anymore; it will be the NEW Democratic Party from now on with a New Vision.”” – Bill Clinton, 1992.

      Officially announcing the Dem Party was really the Communist Party. Communists infiltrated the old Dem Party and took it over. They then (1992) fully owned it.


  2. Warren can’t help herself – she continues to break American law and do her Treasons. SHE’s so far gone she seems to not even recognize that AMERICA HAS LAWS and she is breaking every one of them and in so doing, she commits Treason after Treason – they all do ! Dems are so use to corruption that is all they know how to do !
    They are NOT “Americans” – they be the enemy within our Founders warned us would show up. ALL OF THEM are here illegally as well being the enemy of the country. Matters not where they are born – they are the enemy that are not allowed to be here, much less get in govt and ruin the country to push for their Satanic OWG !


  3. What penalty do you suggest for those in our country illegally? Keeping in mind that entering the country illegally or overstaying a visa is not their only crime. Is there a penalty for ID theft, falses documentation, driving without a license & insurance, falsifying applications to gain a benefit?

  4. This woman should be put in an institution because she is so “off the wall” Does she really think this will get her elected. She wouldnot be elected “dog catcher.”

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