Raheem Kassam of London Breitbart Warns That Bannon Knows Who Americans’ Enemies Are


Steve Bannon has put the media and the other enemies of President Trump on notice.

The former chief strategist in the White House is looking at adding a TV network or a live streaming show with the help of hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. It would be competition for Fox News, which has been moving to the left, at least from where they were.

Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam said that having worked in the White House has put Steve Bannon in the position of knowing “who the enemies of the American people are”.

Steve Bannon has sworn to support the President but he believes there are forces inside and outside the White House trying to take the President down. He hopes to take them down first.

We know little about Steve Bannon beyond what his defenders say or what the press puts out to demonize him.

There are some positives here. If he can start a network that isn’t too far right, he could make a difference and serve as a counter to the hard-left which seems to have a death grip on the Democratic Party and the media.

There are reports that journalists are afraid to say anything against the hard-left. They don’t want to be on the receiving end of their vitriol.

The people gathering in Boston Saturday were following the lead of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other radical leftist hate groups.

These people need to be held to account.

They are subversives. What we see is mass delusion and we are heading for a very oppressive United States if things keep going along as they have.

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