Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago Values Drove Him to Work with Farrakhan


Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, in a recent column, pointed out that Farrakhan “goes a lot further than Dan Cathy” in opposing same-sex “marriage.” As recently as two months ago, the racist, anti-semitic Farrakhan blasted President Obama for endorsing same-sex marriage, noting he is “the first president that sanctioned what the scriptures forbid” — adding that ” … sin is sin according to the standard of God” and “the Bible forbids it.”

Yet Mayor Emanuel is preparing to partner with Farrakhan in hopes of reducing the number of homicides in Chicago, according to Thomas. Hypocrisy here perhaps?

Farrakhan complaining about Jews in the following video.

Farrakhan is also seriously anti-white.

The next video has more Chicago values that don’t seem to draw as much ire from Rahm Emanuel as did Chick~fil~A.