Rahm Wants to Toughen Gun Laws But Doesn’t Enforce the Ones He Has


Illinois gun control hurts victims
Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants tougher gun laws. After listening to the video below, it’s obvious they need to simply enforce the ones they have. The shooter in this video was sentenced to 7 years and served 2! Why pass a new law – make people like the shooter serve the entire 7.

Best yet, Illinois doesn’t have enough jail space to cover the people who would be arrested under any new laws and they don’t have the money to open new prisons. They are in a death spiral of debt.

Meanwhile, there are people in Illinois who want to carry to protect themselves from the gun violence.

Officials in Illinois and Chicago in particular have not addressed the problem and will not because they refuse to understand the cause of the problem.

The vast number of crimes committed with guns in Chicago are with illegal guns used by gang members.

Well, the good news is that Rahm decided not to run for President so I don’t have to give up my citizenship just yet.

President Obama visited Chicago yesterday and said:

“Last year there were over 443 murders with a firearm in this city, and 65 of them were 18 and under,” he said. “That’s the equivalent of a Newtown every four months.”

“This is not just a gun issue but also an issue of the communities that we’re building,” Obama added, returning to his roots as a community organizer and decrying “the self-destructive impulses and the senseless violence.”

Emphasizing the importance of fatherhood, Obama drew on his own experience being raised by a single mother and grandmother. “I turned out OK,” he said, “but at the same time I wish I had a father who was involved and around.”

He added that the nation’s child-support laws may need reform to help men find work and be more engaged in their children’s lives. “What makes you a man is not making a child but having the courage to raise one,” Obama said.

I give him credit for talking about fatherhood because that is  a big part of the problem in Chicago.


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