Rally Of Salvation “Restore The Sanity”


Rally at Foley Square.

The sky began to darken,the winds began to blow and then came the drop in temperature. This the backdrop of an image, that as the night wore on would became quite evident as to the canvass to which this painting belonged.

It was billed as a tax day rally. A rally of sorts in which everyday working men and women come together to voice their opposition not to taxes of necessity, but for taxes deemed to be unwarranted. The rally which was given the name “Restore The Sanity” was hosted by 365 Tea Party founder David Webb. Speakers included Mr. Hard Hat, Andy Sullivan who has been detrimental in opposition to the mosque at Ground Zero. Bill Shea, Mike Church, Andrew Wilcow, Janks Morton,Ann Marie McAvoy and Charles Payne of Fox Business.

Mr Sullivan discussed the disconnect in Government to the working family, it was best described as how it was once revered where one could go to the local hardware store bring in that odd little bolt, the shopkeeper would disappear in the back and return with a match. A couple of pennies later you were on your way with a smile and a hello for both respective families. Or perhaps visiting the local coffee shop where the waitress knew your name and order without asking. Americana, fading. Bill Shea spoke of the excessive spending.Mike Church spoke of the constitutional slide. Slowly but slowly the the precipice of  constitutional demise arrives not by the striking of the document but by the economic treason disguised in the form of aid.

Andrew Wilcow surmised this affliction by the very Idea of taxing for non essentials. Police are justified to maintain order,military to maintain freedoms and protect us from any foreign threats that may attempt to take them away. However, when was it decided that “We The People” would wake in the morning to a debt without purpose? If your neighbor decides to buy a car why is it you have to pay for it? If your neighbor decides to buy a house why is it that you pay for it? Decisions brought on by the individual should not be the responsibility of the people. Thus the root of the problem. Mr. Wilcow called it by a simple term “The Origin of Debt”  Where does our debt come from? How was it created? Does it entail detail  that ties it to principles of the constitution? This my friends can be described as debt without substance. If a debt is incurred that does not protect,defend or provide to the principles of the constitution then of what  purpose is it to “We the People” and so abolishment of the vehicle for that debt should be imposed.

Charles Payne of the fox business told of the numbers and reasons behind this unconstitutional debt. (A)”A chicken in every pot”(B) “A car in every garage” (C)”A home for everyone”(D) “A job for everyone that wants one” and the key to the whole TAX and SPEND philosophy; If you don’t want the job you get to have A,B,and C . Mr. Payne talked of dignity, how dignity can not be created by the Government but how it is being taken away by Government.

Penalizing for success is not the mantra of the United States but that is quickly becoming the current path and flavor of the day. Success is the economic driver of all things great. If that is taken away and demeaned in the name of class warfare then what is it our children and grandchildren will strive for. If provisions are granted without effort or fortitude then in time that effort and fortitude will have been forgotten and with it man’s dignity. For what will the word dignity mean if the definition is no longer. In the words of Margaret Thatcher as repeated by David Webb on this cold night “The problem with socialism is that one eventually runs out of other people’s money”

So on this extended tax day as many of us do our due diligence and pay for our public services, think of the origin of debt and decide, is that debt  for or against the principles of the constitution or is it in fact the tools that will shred the constitution to confetti.

By Alex Hanson

365 Tax DayFolley Square

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