Ramadi and Fallujah Fall to Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda Is Not On the Run


There has been a resurgence of al-Qaida in the Anbar Province which threatens to break up Iraq. In a tragic turn of events, Al Qaida terrorists have taken over Fallujah and Ramadi despite fierce fighting by Maliki’s Shiite government who have joined forces with Sunni tribal warriors. Maliki has vowed to not abandon the cities to al-Qaida and will ‘not withdraw.


Al-Qaida parades down the streets of Fallujah, 20hours ago

Sunni tribes agreed to fight with Maliki despite his refusal to incorporate them into his government because they see al-Qaida as brutal criminals.

Al Qaida has planned a hardline Islamic state along the Syria-Iraq-Jordanian borders in a huge swath of land in the Anbar province, a Sunni heartland.



The terrorists are seeking to win over the population by holding Friday prayers in the main street, claiming they were there to defend Sunnis, exploiting the divisions between Sunnis and Shiites.

‘We are your brothers from the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL),’ militants proclaimed through a loudspeaker in a confiscated police car. ‘We are here to protect you from the government. We call on you to cooperate with us,’ reported the Huffington Post.

The Maliki government and Sunni tribal leaders have been bombarding the towns which are overwhelmed with al-Qaida, all of whom are foreign fighters.

Since the US withdrawal, Maliki has continually marginalized Sunnis and engaged in massive arrests. It was then that al-Qaida began to move in, according to CNN.

The US left Iraq without a status of forces agreement which would have provided training of the Iraq police and army by US security forces. It also would have given the US on-the-ground intel and opportunities to influence Maliki.

At first, the Sunni tribes were embittered with the US but the brutality of al-Qaida caused them to turn against them. Thanks to diplomacy by US generals, Sunni tribes fought alongside US troops bringing an end to the bloodshed in thee two towns in 2008, before Obama’s abrupt withdrawal of troops which he announced in advance.

The Obama Administration spokesperson, Marie Harf, said they are consulting with all parties in Iraq and are sending hellfire rockets and drones to the region.

The US has referred to the terrorists as al-Qaida affiliates. The terrorists call themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as ISIL, but were previously referred to as al Qaeda in Iraq. It apparently only takes a name change to convince the Obama Administration that they are mere ‘affiliates’


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