Ramadi Is Lost, ISIS Is on the Road to Baghdad, Obama Golfs and Tweets



The fall of Ramadi is an unmitigated disaster. Iraqi soldiers ran when ISIS surrounded the city and sent in suicide bombers.

The Obama administration has been touting the air power we supplied to the Iraqis as ISIS took control of Ramadi city. It amounted to only 6 sorties a day.

If there really was a 60-nation coalition with soldiers on the ground, this wouldn’t have happened but that’s another Obama lie.

The Pentagon spokesperson said “we will retake” it. Last week they said Ramadi wasn’t in danger.

We lost more than 400 soldiers winning it the first time! Tens of thousands of displaced people are fleeing. What will they come back to?

White House spokesperson Eric Schultz said “There’s no denying that this is indeed a setback.”.

The White House has been spinning the story that it’s not an important win for ISIS but that is a lie.

It is incredibly important. It’s the road to Baghdad. It is the heart of Sunni Iraq and Sunni territory. It is the center of the supply line to Syria. It’s the road to the Haditha dam. 

The fall of Ramadi is a disaster for the Iraqi army and government, and especially its Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, according to the bbc.

Ramadi was lost to a small number of ISIS. The Iraqi soldiers fled, leaving American vehicles and weapons, many were given to the Iraqis the day before because our administration is clueless. Worse than that, they abandoned women and children who are now being tortured and killed, at least 500 so far.

ISIS is going door-to-door slaughtering the populace.

Here are the Iraqi soldiers on the run.

The road to Baghdad is now in grave danger.

The Iraqi soldiers are struggling to protect the road to Baghdad.

Iranian-backed soldiers are back. They’re not gone as Obama ordered.

ISIS released 400 prisoners today – the worst of the worst – to replenish their supply of terrorists.

The president showed his usual concern. He’s golfing.

He was also busy tweeting from his new Twitter account.

Ramadi is not important.

We did nothing when there were 900 ISIS marching out in the open in the desert. We did nothing when there were 10,000 and 30,000. Now there are 50,000 and we are doing very little. We still don’t have a strategy.

Hillary Clinton by the way has fully behind Obama’s handling of foreign policy.