Ramos Wanted Revenge for a Beef with the Gazette, Left Blames Trump


The media described the killer of five journalists in Annapolis as a ‘white man’, but he has now been identified as Jarrod W. Ramos. Ramos held a grudge for five years because the newspaper published a story about him that he said defamed him.

He recently lost his appeal. The story about a crime he committed was taken entirely from public records. Ramos presented no evidence to the contrary. It was a frivolous lawsuit by a deranged individual.

He continuously sent threats to the paper from a fake Twitter account with the face of the writer of the article on the account. He launched one threat against the writer minutes before the attack on The Capital newsroom.

Investigators say the suspect in The Capital newspaper shooting had a longstanding grudge against the newspaper for the story and he sought “revenge”. “Mr. Ramos was obsessively angry about this particular story,” an attorney for a woman he harassed said. Ramos spent years threatening people at the newspaper and the judges.

Eric Hartley, the reporter who wrote the 2011 story about Ramos, left the newspaper years ago, but Ramos continued to target the paper.

The victims have been identified as assistant managing editor Rob Hiaasen, 59; editorial page editor Gerald Fischman, 61; senior writer John McNamara, 56; community news reporter Wendi Winters, 64; and sales assistant Rebecca Smith, 34, the Capital Gazette reported.


Although it is clear, this was a revenge killing by a deranged monster, the reporters insist on blaming President Trump because he has taken on the press. A recent Harris poll shows that 70 percent of Americans agree with him that the MSM is fake news.

True to form, NBC heckled the President immediately. They were so sure he was guilty of something.

Progressive feminist Lauren Duca was a writer for Teen Vogue. The columnist responded to news of Rev. Billy Graham’s death in February by telling him to, “Have fun in hell, bitch.” She’s a delight and one of the first out of the gate blaming the President.

Conspiracy theorist Bill Palmer, who just makes up stuff, wasted no time.

And, of course, it’s the fault of President Trump and the NRA. The fact that the killer used a shotgun has already quelled Chris Van Hollen’s talk of gun control.

This woman says, no matter what, Trump is to blame. We must not speak ill of the lying fake press.


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