Rampaging Syrian Migrants Kick Baby in Face, Attack Women, Elderly


“Islamist terrorism is the biggest test facing Germany.” – Angela Merkel

Gee, wonder why?

A World War II bomb was found in Augsburg this past week which forced an evacuation of residents from the area on buses. Rampaging Syrian migrants kicked a one-year-old baby in the face when the pram blocked their way on one of the buses, the Express UK reported., the Express UK reported.

When paramedics tried to treat the baby, the migrants attacked the paramedics with belts so they couldn’t treat the infant.

The violent attackers didn’t stop until the police came.

Four Syrian men, using the handles of the bus to hoist themselves up, attacked women and old people to drag them into the fighting, one eyewitness reported.

They didn’t care who was in their way as they assaulted everyone, including kicking the one-year old baby.

Police will investigate in the politically correct nation of Germany.

Before Christmas, a migrant drove a truck into a mart and killed 12 people and injured scores of other people.

Angela Merkel has been replacing Germans with migrants from the Middle East and Africa because Germans aren’t having enough children to take care of the elderly. She is doing this despite improper screening mechanisms. She’s very generous with the safety of her own people.

More than 1.2 million entered so far and unless German officials deport most of the them, within the next five years migrants and Muslims already in the over-crowded country will account for 25% of their population.

Europe faces the highest terror threat since 2001.

The United States has more than 1,000 active and ongoing terrorism investigations. Rampaging Syrian migrants are not words we want to hear in the U.S. but we might. Barack Obama let more than 20,000 in less than a year. Syrians cannot be screened because there are no legitimate records.

In this video, a rampagingrefugee threatens to throw an infant at Greek police.

You might remember this from late last year. Migrants kicked a blonde woman down the stairs.


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