Rampaging Unassimilated Turks in The Netherlands


Updates at the end

Islamists were rioting in Rotterdam, The Netherlands last evening in the run-up to the election. Prime Minister hopeful Geert Wilders says thank you. Wilders is opposed to mass migration and speaks often of the non-assimilation of Islamists.

An interesting footnote to all the rioting is that there are 400,000 Turks in The Netherlands and the Dutch Army only has 48,000 troops.

The uprising is over a dispute between Turkey and The Netherlands. Obviously, the Turks didn’t assimilate and their loyalty is to Turkey.

The violence is over the the Dutch government’s decision to bar two Turkish ministers from entering the country because they are a national security risk. The Turks are supporting Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

It’s only two days away from the elections and Mr. Wilders, a fan of Donald Trump’s, has been warning of the problems that emanate from mass migration. He’s been fined and jailed for his views.

Wilders is running neck-and-neck with the head of the current ruling party.

Mr. Wilders does not believe the Islamists will ever assimilate.

Thousands of Turks are in the streets.

Police have been hurt but it’s not being reported in Dutch newspapers.

Dutch police are using water cannons against the rampaging Turks.

The left is upset about Rep. Steve King’s tweet, like they never got upset over radical Islamic terrorism. Why is this tweet a problem? The problem is Chris Cuomo made it into a racist statement.

The is what he meant.

Hard-left Slate says he’s a white supremacist. Where do you stand?

In an UPDATE, the rioting/protesting continued for the second straight night, only this time in Amsterdam. It was a smaller mob.

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