Rampaging woman beats up 3 cops, sends 2 to the hospital


Treva Murray

Treva Murray allegedly attacked four University of Illinois police officers inside a Family Video store on Nov. 21.

She was irate and demolished the inside of a local video store while attacking four police officers.

Two of the officers’ injuries were so severe, they were ultimately rushed to a local hospital by ambulance for treatment, The News Gazette reported.

Two of the officers were women.

The Urbana Police Department had already given 44-year-old Treva Murray a break at approximately 7:20 a.m. that same day, after McDonald’s employees called to report that an enraged woman was trying to climb across the counter, Urbana Deputy Police Chief Rich Surles said.

When officers arrived at the scene, the 6-foot, 230-pound suspect told the officers she was upset because her payment card had been declined, The News-Gazette reported.

Police ultimately issued a no-trespass order against Murray and allowed her to leave the area.

Big Mistake!

By that same afternoon, she was causing a ruckus in the video store and refused to leave. The University of Illinois police arrived and she decided to fight with them — physically.

“She was acting aggressive verbally and indicating she was going to fight,” UI Police Lieutenant Joe McCullough told The News-Gazette. “She was knocking stuff to the ground and swinging objects at our officers.”

Murray allegedly swung a floor fan at police, among other items.

One UI officer fired her Taser at Murray twice, but it had no effect, Lt. McCullough said.

The suspect was much larger than the four officers she attacked, he added.

Murray went on to damage the store, strike a police sergeant in the face and kick her in the stomach once she was on the ground.

She then slapped another officer multiple times and hurt her knee. She punched another officer in the arm.

The fourth officer was not injured in the attack.

Murray has been charged with three counts of aggravated battery to a police officer and two counts of resisting a peace officer.

While in court, she yelled over the judge and refused to let him read the charges against her.

“Guilty of self-defense!” she screamed. “You’re not trying me! I don’t need to hear them!”

It’s very interesting to know these tasers don’t work. Bring back the billy club.



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