Rand Paul Introduces a Controversial Amendment


Rand Paul

Rand Paul introduced an amendment to ‘put a pause on immigration’ from the Middle East. It makes more sense than more gun control when the attack on Wednesday was the result of radical Islamic terror.

We know that DHS can’t screen many of the refugees. DHS hired 72 people who were on the terror watch list and the TSA has a 95% failure rate according to the Inspectors General. These are the people we trust to screen people who have no records?

RAND PAUL: “This is precisely why I introduced an amendment yesterday in the senate that would put a pause on all immigration from countries that have radical Islamist movements. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars defending this country but if we’re not going to defend our border, I don’t think we’re serious about this. About 40% of the 11 million people here in the country illegally have overstayed their visas. Until we know who has overstayed their visas, whether any of them are from the Middle East, we need to put a pause on immigration from the Middle East.”

“I want to defend against people who might come here from the Middle East but then I want to allow U.S. citizens to defend themselves. The D.C. chief of police said last week that if you see an armed gunman and you are part of the public, you need to be prepared to take them down. The problem is in D.C. it’s very hard to own a gun, and it’s impossible to have concealed carry. What I’d like to do is let D.C. know that we are going to have self-defense in D.C. the District of Columbia, by the Constitution, is under the jurisdiction of congress. and so I think that self-defense is a good way to try to stop terrorism. I’m for more of it.”

Reason Magazine doesn’t agree. They said refugees are already subject to rigorous scrutiny and a mere handful of individuals who have come to the US as refugees or asylum seekers have had any involvement with terror plots.

Paul is only talking about a pause. We want to continue taking refugees into this country but with Obama running the executive branch so incompetently, there is a need for further scrutiny. If we had a normal presidency, Paul wouldn’t be talking about a pause.

What do you think? Is taking in improperly vetted refugees an acceptable risk? How does taken in 10,000 Syrian refugees help anyway when millions are fleeing?



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