Rand Paul Lashes Back at McCain, We’re “Very Lucky” It’s Trump, Not McCain


Sen. Rand Paul ripped fellow Republican Sen. John McCain after McCain criticized President Trump’s escalating war of words with the media.

He argued that the nation is “very lucky” that Trump is president and not McCain, who lost to Barack Obama in the general election in 2008.

Paul said to “take everything McCain says with a grain of salt”. If McCain were in charge, “we’d be at war everywhere.”

The Kentucky Senators comments follow a series of vicious attacks at a global summit and on MSNBC of all places where he told Chuck Todd that Donald Trump telling the public the media is the enemy is “how dictators get started.” The media has been having a field day with that one Sunday.

How about telling the press to stop telling one side of the story McCain?

McCain continued his attacks this morning and proudly tweeted his interview on MSNBC.

Paul said that McCain’s recent criticisms of Trump are driven by his “personal dispute” with the president over foreign policy.

He added that McCain and Trump are at odds because McCain supports the wide deployment of U.S. troops to protect and promote American interests abroad while he characterized Trump’s views as closer to a realpolitik approach to foreign policy.

“Everything that he [McCain] says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he’s got running with President Trump and it should be taken with a grain of salt because John McCain’s the guy who’s advocated for war everywhere,” Paul said on ABC’s “This Week.”

John McCain’s been “wrong on just about everything”, he concluded.

Paul said we’ve “done more in the last four weeks than we’ve done in the last six years.”

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