Rand Paul: Can Politicians Kill US Citizens on American Soil Without Trial

Dr. Rand Paul
Dr. Rand Paul

Dr. Rand Paul will attempt to hold up the nomination of John Brennan for the position of CIA Director until he gets an answer to a question he has already asked of the White House without reply.

He wants to know if the President believes he can kill a US citizen on US soil without due process and without a trial.

Dr. Paul is a Constitutional Conservative who strongly believes that such empowerment by the president is clearly unconstitutional. His concern is not with Brennan but with the fact that the White House will not answer this question.

He said that he finds the Drone program “very scary and worrisome.” He is concerned it is opening up a “Pandora’s Box” of governmental power. [Politico]

“If you’re not going to answer, No,’ I think that means you’re telling us, ‘Yes’ — you believe that the president has the power to kill an Americans in America. That is appalling,” Paul said on CNN.


“Are we going to have signature strikes in America? I mean, it opens Pandora’s box once you say we may as well kill Americans in America without any judicial trial, with politicians making the decision, that’s very worrisome.” Read more at Politico

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