Rand Paul Takes on Jake Tapper in the Climate Change Debate


The United States dodged a bullet thanks to the steps President Trump took Thursday to pull the U.S. out of the Paris agreement. It took courage. What should be common sense has to now be debated in the media.

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul took on CNN’s Jake Tapper Thursday and explained why the Paris treaty/accord is a bad deal for the United States.

Other countries aren’t playing by the same rules and it’s not fair, he told Tapper.

“China doesn’t have to play by the same rules,” Paul said of the agreement. “The debate should be over whether [the Paris accord] is fair. Is it fair for China to keep polluting at alarming rates and for us to be cutting back on carbon and China has to do nothing?”

“Is it fair that Russia gets to increase their carbon output 50 percent?” he asked rhetorically.

Americans just want jobs and they’d like the government to leave them alone.

Senator Paul addressed the job issue.

“I’m betting you that…America will say, ‘we want jobs and we don’t want these alarmists who are saying we’re gonna have mass extinction.’ So I think people want jobs and they want a clean environment.”

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