Rand Paul’s “So-Called” Minor Injuries by Bernie Supporter Are Very Serious


When we first reported about the vicious Bernie supporting Socialist who attacked Rand Paul while he mowed his lawn Friday at his Bowling Green Kentucky home, we repeated the media’s claim that his injuries were “minor”. As it happens, his “minor injuries” are not minor but his attacker is still an Anti-Trump Bernie supporter.

The two had been arguing over the boundary line between their properties for 17 years and over Rand Paul’s father and his politics.

Doug Stafford, a top aide to Paul, told The Associated Press on Sunday that it is unclear when Paul plans to return to work as he deals with searing pain that prevents him from traveling and flying.

Three of the five broken ribs are displaced fractures, which pose a risk for life-threatening problems, the aide told the AP. He also has a bruised lung.

He could have pain for months.

The media can’t imagine and won’t speculate (as they usually do when it comes to Trump) as to the motive of his attacker. There has been a longtime feud between Paul and his anti-Trump neighbor.

Police say retired doctor Rene Albert Boucher blindsided Paul, “intentionally assaulted” Paul, causing him “minor injury”.

Registered Democrat Boucher might have been driven by political hate or not. His Facebook account contained a number of anti-Trump posts and pro Bernie posts. For one thing, he is pro-universal healthcare.

PJ Media reports that Boucher’s presence on social media confirms his support for Bernie Sanders and hatred for Trump. One of his posts says he hopes Mueller fries “Trump’s gonads.”

Boucher shared a meme from “Proud Liberals” calling Trump a liar. In May, he shared a post from the page “Impeach Trump, Impeach Pence, Keep Impeaching.” He shared a photo of the Time Magazine cover with the White House turned into the Kremlin. He quoted an ex-CIA official who called Trump the “Sissy in chief.”

“Trump firing everyone who investigates him. TOTALITARIANISM,” he wrote in another May post. Then there’s this: “SUB-ZERO: The intelligence level or [sic] Trump supporters.”

His Facebook page was taken down this Sunday.


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