Rand Paul’s Waste Report Could Make You Ill


We would all like to know what happened to the six billion dollars lost by the State Department under Hillary Clinton’s watch. Maybe it was donated to the Clinton crime network.

Rand Paul’s waste report for 2016 shows nearly two billion dollars in waste and it undoubtedly is only the beginning of the unraveling we hope Donald Trump will expose and do something about.

The government you will be unhappy to know created a foreign variety show, investigated sea monsters, subsidized concerts in D.C., and studied gambling habits of Ugandans, wasting the taxes of 177, 332 people. That is the population of Santa Clara, CA, Temp, AZ, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Chattanooga, TN.

Our $255 billion dollar interest payment this year could have been used to fund the Department of Commerce, Energy, Homeland Security, HUD, US Congress, US federal courts combined.

You really need to look at this report.


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