Random Thoughts About the Delusional SOTU


The SOTU omitted any mention of our ten sailors currently being held captive by Iran. He said not one word on their behalf. Perhaps that is why the joint chiefs of staff looked somber and didn’t clap at his monotonous, rambling, disjointed speech.

It’s remarkable that he ignored this outright aggression by Iran while the nuclear deal is in process.

Barack Obama ended his speech tonight by saying “unconditional love” and “unarmed truth” will have the final word. Oh, right. Kumbaya.

He mocked Republicans on climate change and then immediately after called for civility in politics. He has compared his political opponents to the Iranian terrorists and is the cause of all this incivility.

The president who made the world worse said he’s brokering the peace in Syria.

Voting must be made easier he said which conjured up visions of stuffing the ballot boxes.

Not reaching more agreement with Congress is a disappointment for him but that’s because he’s a socialist and this is a Constitutional Republic.

ISIS is a direct threat, he said, and his approach to Syria has been the smarter approach. Those quarter million who died might say something different if they could speak.

It’s not World War III, he said. Maybe not, but it’s bad and something needs to be done. He still thinks ISIS is a JV.

Listen to this from today’s congressional testimony.

He’ll be right beside us as a citizen once he leaves office, he assured us, though half the country was hoping he’d move back to Indonesia.

You will be happy to know that radical Muslims are not trying to kill us, they’re just killers and fanatics. He didn’t mention Officer Hartnett or the 14 killed and 21 injured in San Bernardino but he did express his concern for mosques being burned. He failed to mention the last mosque that was set ablaze was by a Muslim worshipper.

Cuba is refusing to return our Hellfire missile but it is possible that Obama gave it to them – SPOX Kirby wouldn’t say when asked. Nonetheless, illogically, Obama wants the embargo lifted.

He said he’s avoided war but he’s setting us up for a major war with his policies.

“Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction”, the president fibbed.

Obama thinks the economy works for everybody with almost 94 million people out of the workforce, incomes of the middle class down by thousands, an overly-large welfare state continues to grow, 54 million are on food stamps, there’s that ballooning college debt, high healthcare premiums, federal government in everyone’s business. He wants “free” community college. He’s such a socialist.

He thinks he cured ebola.

The highlight of his speech was after he finally stopped talking.


Hillary loved the speech and thinks Obama did a bang up job.

You have entered the Twilight Zone.

Update: The ten sailors are now aboard the USS Anzio after their broken navigation system caused them to drift into Iran’s waters. The US had to apologize. Iran hasn’t received their $100 billion plus yet. What happens next time – after they receive the funds?

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