Randy Not Running, Angie Carpenter Is The Candidate

Randy Altschuler with son, Noah

Randy Altschuler will not run for County Executive and has his sights set for another race – Congress. He withdrew from the race about a week ago.  Angie Carpenter will be the GOP candidate for Steve Levy’s position. Her competition is Babylon Bellone who raised his town’s taxes 73% during his tenure there.


Quote from Randy Altschuler-
“After serious consideration, I have consulted with party leaders and decided not to run for Suffolk County Executive,” said Altschuler. “The truth is that after falling just short last year, my intent had always been to seek a rematch with Congressman Bishop in 2012 and in the coming days I will file papers making that run official. I am eager to contrast my record as a successful entrepreneur and small businessman who knows how to create jobs versus Congressman Bishop’s record as a tax, spend and borrow politician who has run our economy
into the ground.”


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