Rashida cries over the ‘oppression’ of not promoting BDS for a few days


As per Israeli law, Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were barred from entry into Israel since they planned to promote the anti-Semitic boycott, diversity, and sanctions movement in the tiny country during their stay.

Tlaib and Omar planned to travel about Israel and promote the eradication of Israel via BDS.

Tlaib said she needed to see her sick 90-year old granny and wrote a letter to the Israeli foreign ministry asking to enter Israel on humanitarian grounds.

In her letter, Tlaib said she wanted to see her family and would abide by any restrictions and would not promote BDS.

Dr. Ahmed quickly explains BDS:

Well, apparently, not advocating for the demise of Israel for a few days was too much of a sacrifice — it was “oppressive.”

Now, she’s crying and pretending she was forced into not seeing her granny. She set Israel up, along with her buddy Omar. The group funding their trip is anti-Israel.

In the clip below, she acts as if she isn’t allowed to visit her relatives and she keeps calling Israel occupied territory, suggesting they are an apartheid nation. Tlaib claims the ‘Palestinians’ don’t have equal rights.

Israel has full civil rights for everyone and Arabs are freer in Israel than in Gaza. Israel has a wall in Bethlehem to cut down on the terror attacks and they screen radicals like her to make sure she’s not a suicide bomber.

When will this woman condemn Hamas?

This is the part where the unhinged rep cries:

Democrats are currently looking to investigate and punish the two Jewish ambassadors who stood up for their country. Democrats hate Israel and all Jews who support Israel.

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