Rashida Tlaib backs Hamas while @Jack keeps their accounts up


Rep. Rashida Tlaib justified the Gaza attacks on Israel Sunday. The anti-Semitic Democrat Representative is not only backing Hamas, she’s spreading lies for them.

Terrorists shot two Israeli soldiers. Israel then killed several Hamas militants taking out a Hamas military site. Days later, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad started launching hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians.

Tlaib has said nothing about the more than 650 rockets being targeted at Israeli civilians. She has said nothing about Hamas oppressing Palestinians. Rashida has said nothing about an Islamic Jihad rocket meant for Israel killing a one-year-old Palestinian and her mother. Instead, she spreads lies to blame Jews. The woman also likes to blame the right-wing.

When she’s not shilling for Maduro, she’s backing up Hamas.

Tlaib feels the same way the Hamas terrorists feel. There is no difference.


Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad attacked Israel this weekend by firing over 650 rockets at civilians, killing three and injuring ninety. The Hamas Twitter pages are still up. @Jack hasn’t taken down .

Jack Dorsey thinks conservatives are dangerous and still has James Woods under suspension, but Hamas accounts are no problem for him.

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herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Democrats who supports terrorists are just fine on twitter, conservatives are dangerous.