Ratings Are In! Chuck & Nancy Show Topped the Charts! Bad for Them


The numbers are in for last night’s presidential address and the follow-up with the robotic duo Chuck and Nancy. Fox Sports Executive Vice President Michael Mulvihill shared combined overnight ratings for the major networks in a series of tweets.

Slightly more people tuned in to the two Democrat stiffs stuffed behind one podium. Mulvihill also noted that CNN and MSNBC had vastly higher numbers — 26 percent and 15 percent, respectively — for the Democratic response.

The two Democrats made a big hit as numerous Twitter threads declared themselves to be the best Chuck and Nancy memes thread. People didn’t care what Chuck and Nancy said. They just wanted to post-memes.

The duo didn’t come off well. Even MSNBC made fun of them. Jake Tapper just released a photo of them looking weird, without making a comment.

Maybe this Schumer tweet was a big motivator for the memes:

Chuck and Nancy should have skipped the post mortem. It was a bad idea.

This was my favorite:

There were a lot of geriatric memes:

The horror meme was popular:

And, finally, term limits:

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