Raw Riots: Thank You Media, Thank You George Soros



The protests are becoming dangerously violent and while the media will tell you the riots are isolated cases, it’s not true, there is violence being stirred up everywhere. The media is inciting it.

The “protesters” are paid professional rioters of the hard left and the media won’t tell you that. They are afraid it will reflect on their mission.

The media and all of the left are lying or are misguided when they make the election about race but it works.

Despite the fact that the corruption in the media is a well-known proven fact, they continue to brazenly stay the course of deceit and cover ups.


This is what Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, John Podesta, the Democrat Party, and too many on the left want for you. They want to get rid of our rule of law and rule by feelings and emotions.

In such a world, all foreigners can roam freely across our borders and suck up our benefits; there would be no electoral college, giving small states no say in choosing the country’s leadership; in such a world, the elite would overrule the Congress by fiat when they feel differently and will applaud the use of the pen and phone; their justices will make laws, their overgrown agency bureaucrats, who have little or no accountability of any kind, will write laws, as will the president; there will be no rule of law and we will be a democracy, not a Republic. Our Constitution will be rewritten to look like the UN’s and the UN will be the governing body of our new global rule in which the U.S. will be just a small cog with no identity and no say.

This is what the left wants for you – utter chaos so they can put their hard-left government in place.

See what that brings in the following videos. These people don’t like the president-elect and they want to change it, not at a ballot box, but with violence. A Democracy always descends into chaos and violence.

The longer version.

Check out San Diego.



  1. The next few months are not for the faint hearted.

    I recommend people boycott the cities. Do not go there, do not spend money there. The riots would be stopped very fast then.

    And it will be cold soon in Chicago.

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