Read Mueller’s Russian Troll Indictment in Full


The Russian Troll Indictment is available below.

A Huffington Post reporter said on Friday that just because it was unwitting, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t collusion. This is the state of the media today.

Collusion is when more than one party get together to deceive. Someone, please tell HuffPo.

The only thing the Mueller team has against an American is this: “A volunteer for the Trump campaign in New York…agreed to provide signs” for a Trump rally to a Russian “posing as a US grassroots activist.”

They also have an American impersonating Clinton at a rally and purchasing Facebook ads unwittingly.

That’s it, they have nothing else.

This next item is interesting (p.25)

This is causing the confusion the Russians wanted.

Read the Russian Troll Indictment

U S v Internet Research Agency Et Al on Scribd

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