Read the Bill Here! Humanitarian Border Bill Is Not a Loss for Pelosi


The Senate humanitarian border aid bill is not a win for Republicans and Nancy Pelosi didn’t lose a thing. This charade by our lawmakers includes so-called ‘negotiations’ and ‘compromise,’ but it’s by liberal Republicans and leftist Democrats. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), liberal Republican, is behind the bill along with [socialist] Vice Chairman Pat Leahy (D-Vt.).

The $4.5 billion in the bill should be used to take these people back home, but, instead, it will be used to send them all over the country and once they are settled in the interior, they are here forever.

In my state of New York, they get driver’s licenses and benefits. They can vote with those licenses. These anonymous people don’t get arrested for much and can steal ID. Once here, they call their relatives from wherever and tell them to come. Nothing is being done like cutting off employment but we are funding it.

Read the bill and the summary below for yourself. It isn’t easy to find.

Chairman Shelby delivered the remarks about the bill, including the following:

“The legislation we bring before the Committee today contains a total of $4.59 billion to address the border crisis. 

“Of this amount, $2.9 billion is provided for the Department of Health and Human Services, which is tasked with caring for unaccompanied children and placing them in suitable homes.

“The legislation also includes $1.3 billion for the Department of Homeland Security to provide basic necessities – food, shelter, and medical care – to adult migrants they detain.

“An additional $145 million is provided for the Department of Defense, which has mobilized to help respond to the crisis.

“And finally, $220 million is included for the Department of Justice, to help process immigration cases and detain dangerous individuals.  

“This package does not include everything I wanted.

“It does not include everything Vice Chairman Leahy wanted.

“But most importantly, it does not include poison pills from either party.

Is that supposed to make us feel good? It actually is a poison pill since it invites more illegal immigration of anonymous people from all over the world.

Basically, we are paying to care for and ship around illegal aliens [not migrants]. How is this a win? It will encourage more to come. The “suitable” homes are often the homes of other illegal aliens or even criminals.

Yet the lunatic from Queens AOC doesn’t want them to have beds, and she wants ICE and Border Patrol defunded. Nancy Pelosi and almost all of the Democratic presidential candidates are calling for decriminalizing illegal entries and visa overstays.

How much will Americans allow? This will destroy the United States and the hate America crowd hopes to do exactly that.

Following is a sampling of where the money — your taxpayer money — the 53% of you who pay taxes — is going:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE):

    • Includes $48 million for the transportation of unaccompanied alien children and migrants among facilities.
    •  Includes $70 million for travel, overtime costs, and pay adjustments for on-board Department of Homeland Security staff in support of ICE’s mission.
    • Includes $45 million for detainee medical care.
    • Includes $21 million for Homeland Security Investigations counter-human trafficking operations.
    • Includes $20 million for alternatives to detention. [alternatives to detention???]
    • Includes $5 million for background investigations and facilities inspections by the Office of Professional Responsibility. [this is about attacking border patrol]

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

    • Includes $30 million to reimburse states, local governments, and non-governmental organizations for care of homeless migrants.

The bill also allows sponsors to declare themselves and they cannot be deported. It’s de facto amnesty and it’s in the bill.

Where is the humanitarian aid for our homeless citizens?

Border Security Supplemental Bill Text

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Border Security Supplemental Summary

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