Read the Dem Resolution Giving All Power to Adam Schiff


The impeachment process resolution backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) hands the lead role to the House Intelligence Committee and its chairman, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), who would have the unlimited latitude to organize extended questioning of potential public witnesses.

Republicans can request certain witnesses and subpoenas but Adam Schiff, the all-powerful, has the veto power. All power rests in the hands of accused liar Adam Schiff, who has been tied to George Soros.

Schiff can release transcripts or not.

After the Intelligence Committee finishes its investigation, it will write a public report. The matter then goes to the Judiciary for the writing of the articles of impeachment.

There will be public hearings eventually. The President’s lawyer will have no role.

President Trump and his lawyer cannot participate until the very end after all the ‘witnesses’ presented their cases without much resistance and with little transparency. Schiff currently doesn’t allow the witnesses to answer some of the Republicans’ questions.

After the ‘findings’ are released to the Judiciary, the President’s lawyer will have some role. That will be after the entire drama has played out on TV.

Allegedly, this is the practice the Republicans followed in 1998 during Clinton’s impeachment. We will check that out.

All other committees will continue their separate probes and no other work will take place.


Bills 116 Hres660.PDF by FOX59/CBS4 on Scribd

The House will vote on the resolution on Halloween. That’s appropriate for a witch trial, the label Republicans gave it.


MSNBC cut away from Rep. Jim Jordan as he explained what Adam Schiff was doing.


And nothing changed after today’s testimony.



  1. This whole process is insane!!!! The Dems need to be stopped before they ruin and take the US down. Killing babies, letting transgenders compete in their opposite gender sports, opening our borders to all illegals and criminals and ISIS is not acceptable. If they can’t accept the peoples choice they need to step down or shut up. They just want all the power over everything including the person they want as president. Can’t happen America. Wake up!!!!!!!

  2. The Dems are going to destroy the U>S>A>! With their policies they propose, they will destroy our country. Taxing people at higher %’s and sending all the illegals away by giving them bus money isnt going to work. but the most troubling is what Adam Schiff and Pelosi are attempting to do to our citizens. All of you”normal” people out their need to start pushing for this to end. There was nothing. illegal what Trump did. Everyone has a copy of it, but Schiff seems to think the President should be impeached. And then he can become President. What a deluded mind of nothingness!

  3. Is it time for the pitchforks and torches yet? That may be the only way to stop the severely TDS affected commies passing as leftists/dems in DC.
    They have really shown the nation who they truly are…nutjobs. Interested in only bringing a duly elected President down for political gain.
    Meanwhile, Trump continues to make progress on his agenda without anybody’s help. Especially the leftists. That is gonna cost the dems in ’20.

    Just sayin’.

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