Read the Indictment of the 12 Russians And About the Latest Speculation


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced that the DOJ has indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers in the hacking of Democrat emails and other charges. At this point, Mr. Rosenstein said no American has been indicted and urged people not to politicize it, listen to leaks, or speculate.

Too late! The speculation is rampant.

The left claims that Roger Stone will be indicted soon and Mueller is meeting with Stone’s friends. A congressional candidate is also involved and there is a lot of speculation about that on social media as well.

On the right, many believe it’s a deliberate distraction from Strzok’s damaging performance or an effort to build up the DoJ’s reputation.

Roger Stone wrote about ties to Guccifer 2.0 in an article on his website March 2017. This is some of what he wrote:

The Smoking Gun website has come up with a sensational but bogus claim that I collaborated with a hacker, Guccifer 2.0 to hack data from the DNC and have WikiLeaks release it. This is another absurd media claim that is part of the long-standing absurd claim that Donald Trump had anything to do with the Russians. This is a charge without a shred of evidence…

…All contact I had with the entity known as Gufficer 2 came after I had written an article that was published on August 5th 2016  by Breitbart News and vetted by their lead investigative reporter Lee Stranahan. That article came after the DNC and DCCC material had been released and identified the role of a hacker going by the moniker Guccifer 2 based on our own sources.

Therefore, any such “collaboration” would’ve also involved a time machine – something that I think Putin has not perfected yet.

An unnamed congressional candidate asked for and received stolen documents about an opponent from Guccifer 2.0, according to the indictment.


You can read it here or below.

Special Counsel Indictment July 13 2018 on Scribd



  1. cant wait for those indited to hire a lawyer to represent them and ask for full of the last Russians Mulehead indicted hired a D.C. lawfirm that showed up in court demanding disclosure, Mulehead shit his pants and still hasn’t handed it over to the defense, now we have Sen.Schumer and Sen Warner demanding Trump cancel his Summit with Putin, Trump won’t cancel, they know it and gives them more Trump loves Putin media BS!!!!!!!!

  2. Are these the same Russians that paid Bill Clinton $500,000 to “talk” to them and paid Hillary’s Clinton Global Initiative (slush fund) over $100,000,000, and the same Russians that Hillary as Secretary of State turned over all that US uranium to? Ungrateful Russians — after all the Clintons and Obama did for them!

  3. Something is amiss here. The indictment relates to the DNC and their server by extracting their files. How was this accomplished by team Mueller. In the lawsuit filed by the DNC they had admitted all their servers were wiped clean and the operating system was reinstalled so any forensic analysis would be impossible. It couldn’t have been Crowdstrike supplying the information to Mueller as they admitted their analysis was faulty.

    This sounds like another case of an indictment for show, only this time no “company” was named to forestall any surprise defense. I’ve heard of cases being tried in abstentia which poses the question, can a case be “defended” in abstentia without the presence of the defendant. If so, it would be quite interesting if these Russians hired a law firm to defend the case and seek discovery for evidence of the actual hacking.

  4. Rosenstein said he will transition responsibility to the DOJ’s National Security Division while waiting for the apprehension of the defendants. It was this same NSD that wouldn’t allow any OIG investigation into its actions.

    The “real” corruption will end up being SO deeply buried in bureaucracies that it will never see the light of day. It’s becoming more apparent that Mueller’s purpose is to “conceal” the widespread corruption within the FBI / DOJ. Uranium One was only one part of it with both Mueller and Rosenstein being willing accomplices in covering for Russian corruption. There’s a reason so many players in this Russian collusion narrative have FBI ties going back years. There must be a reason why Main Justice was involved rather than the Washington Field Office. Main Justice are the “Managers” whereas Field Officers are the typical “investigators”.

  5. Is Inspector Clouseau running this Russian Investigation. This sophisticated “military intelligence agency called the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (“GRU”) accomplished such a fantastic feat by using the most advanced tools imaginable as “email phishing” and even went so far as to search for Windows PowerShell commands, maybe even as diabolical as typing in “powershell /runas:Administrator” in the “Run” command. The methods were so advanced to even include website shortening services and maybe even It may take years to overcome such advanced sophisticated techniques.

    Mueller’s indictment attempts to cloud certain details by stating “both the DCCC and DNC became aware that they had been hacked and hired a security company (“Company 1″)”. It is well known that this “Company 1” is none other than CrowdStrike. In March of 2017 it was reported that “U.S. cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has revised and retracted statements it used to buttress claims of Russian hacking during last year’s Presidential election campaign. The shift followed a VOA report that the company misrepresented data published by an influential British think tank.

    The indictment relies on the presence of “X-Agent” malware as suggested by CrowdStrike which also was the same determination that led to their report Russia hacked the Ukrainian artillery app resulting in heavy losses. Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claimed combat losses and hacking never happened. The blame was attributed in both cases to “Fancy Bear”.

    There’s another peculiarity. A suit by George Webb Sweigert v John Podesta and allegations against Awan have the same hacking allegations.

    “Awan engineered a sophisticated email phishing attack against Bernie Sanders supporters nationwide using a scheme that substituted a similar URL for the donation processing company ActBlue. The URL was changed by one letter from to, routing donations intended for sanders to accounts controlled by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or Imram Awan.”

    In Mueller’s indictment, “the Conspirators knowingly falsely registered a domain name and knowingly used that domain name in the course of committing an offense, namely, the Conspirators registered domains, including and, with false names and addresses, and used those domains in the course of committing the felony offense”.

    Now, a single domain name, “” simply cannot be used by two entities as DNS servers will point to a certain server with a certain IP address. Here we have the same domain used by “Russian conspirators, And, Imran Awan and DWS. Did Mueller actually investigate or just cobble together some indictment. It’s also quite interesting that all charges related to Awan and his IT job were summarily dismissed. There was speculation that had Awan being part of the Wikileaks revelations. Is it possible the cover-up is much deeper than imagined and Awan is being kept quiet by “prosecutorial discretion”.

  6. Notice how Mulehead and Rottenstink aren’t indicting and prosecuting the foreign intel services that hacked into HillaryClinton’s private server? It’s almost as if they want you to forget all about that, look, look over there a squirrel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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