Read the Just Released Less Redacted Comey-Trump-Conversation Memos


A judge ordered the release of the less redacted memos of Jim Comey’s conversation with President Trump.

In one memo, according to Comey, Trump said he had “serious reservations” about Flynn’s judgment and expressed frustration about how Flynn handled the scheduling of calls from world leaders.

Maybe true, maybe not.

Judge Boasberg said the FBI’s argument that unredacting those portions would harm national security was inadequate. However, he agreed to keep one redaction in which the president speaks critically of a country.

“Given the statement and context, the Court has no trouble following the link offered by the FBI between disclosure and harm to national security,” Boasberg wrote.

Comey claimed in his memos that President Trump pressured him to cease his investigation into Flynn, reportedly telling Comey “I hope you can let this go,” which has been interpreted by some to have potentially been an obstruction of justice.

Maybe true, probably not.

Another exchange ordered unredacted regards a conversation between Comey and Trump in which they discussed Egypt’s president, as well as “a reference about the President’s observation about responding to a question he was asked about Russian President Putin” would remain privileged information.

Why was this redacted?

Zerohedge pointed out this unredacted portion: one batch concerns a conversation Trump had with former national security adviser Michael Flynn, apparently in regard to which world leader called Trump before US Prime Minister Theresa May to congratulate him on his victory over Hillary Clinton. The FBI had previously argued that the unredacted exchange could harm foreign relations. Obviously, it doesn’t, and the FBI lied again:


At the beginning of the first memo, Comey says, “I executed the session exactly as I planned…” It just sounds so manipulative. His comments concerned the limited information   he gave the President about the fake dossier. Once I read that, honestly, for me, I couldn’t trust anything he said. Most of this is information we already know, but it’s always better if you read the documents yourself because there are liars and miscommunicators everywhere.

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Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
4 years ago

This is great reporting that is hard to find, providing the actual information, and a reasonable interpretation.

I see nothing here which makes Trump look bad. There’s nothing wrong with wanting Flynn to be left alone for such a minor non-issue. The memos seem suspicious. Comey rushed to document one meeting in the car. He has no memos on the “investigation” of Clinton. He treats Trump as a suspect. It seems that Trump wanted him to resign. Trump indicates suspicion of Comey, probably due to his “clearing” of Hillary. Trump was investigating Comey and vice versa. Comey seems to want to get any indications he can from Trump about the dossier smear, in his attempt to destroy Trump.

Now that we have a lot more history we can see that Comey was trying to entrap Trump and Trump wanted Comey to resign. In the end Trump accomplished his goal and Comey did not.